Thursday, August 26, 2010

New How-To videos posted for Klok

We are in the process of creating some How-to videos on how to use Klok.
Please have a look at the videos we have already published.

Please post a comment if you would like to see something specific about Klok.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HTC EVO app - Lookout Antivirus Security mini review

I will be posting some mini app reviews from my new Sprint EVO using blogger-droid, so we will see how this turns out.

Todays app review will be on Lookout Antivirus Security. (Available from the app market) It's a free security app that also backs up your data as well as locates the phone if lost or stolen. Your free account allows you to use the web based interface to perform most fuctions. I have read that some users have complained about battery drain but I have not noticed any unusual battery drain whatsoever.

I have installed this app on both my phone and wives Android phone.

I would recommend this app for anyone with an Android phone.

Please post any comments.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Android and HTC Evo = Great Combo

Just picked up a new HTC EVO from Sprint and I must say....I wish I did it months ago.
I have several articles on my blog about the Samsung Omnia and Windows mobile but from the short time I have been using the EVO I have been very impressed and will be creating some more articles about good apps and other tricks that I have discovered or found.

I am very glad I did not jump on the Iphone band wagon.

Stay tuned for more Android stuff.