Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why not to use big name repair shops!

I was just sent a link to a post that I thought I would share. Before I got into this line of work I had to bring my laptop in for repairs. After being assured that my data was safe I had my laptop returned with a completly rebuilt drive. I was never notified that my drive was even going to be reformated I was just SOL.

Anyway here is a another post obout similar experiences. This is why I always recommend backups and to hire a local pc tech that knows what he/she is doing.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Google Calendar - Syncing to Outlook

My wife recently asked me if it was possible to sync my Outlook calendar to her calendar stored on a separate pc. At first I was not positive how to set this up as I already had my Outlook syncing to my Samsung Omnia cell phone. After a very brief search I decided to give Google Calendar Sync a try.

Google Calendar sync is a small download that I installed on my main pc that runs Outlook 2003. It runs in the task tray and periodically syncs changes to my calendar to her gmail account. As I dont have a large amount of frequent changed I set up up to sync every 8 hours but the default is every two hours.

It also has the option to sync in both directions or each direction separatly. I have set it up to sync in both directions - meaning that if I make a change in Outlook it will appear in her calendar and if she makes a change to her gmail calendar it will appear in my Outlook calendar.

The simple solution allows me to have my phone syncd to my Outlook calendar as well as my Outlook Calendar to her Gmail calendar.

I guess I dont have any more excusses to miss any more appointments :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Fixed It for Me - Disable Windows Live Messenger

Here is a rather annoying issue that has been bothering some of my clients and I thought I would give my solution to the problem as I searched on google and but could not find the correct answer easily.

On Windows Vista when your pc starts Windows Live Messenger starts as well. Many of my clients do not like the fact that they have to close the window manually even though its really only one click to close the program.

In order to prevent Windows Live Messenger from running on login here is what I did.
Create a dummy(or an actual account if you use the software) and then login
to Live Messenger.
Under the menu choose Options. In that window you can disable the checkbox
that starts Windows Live Messenger at startup.

You can also unstall the software completly but if you ever plan to use it you would then have to reinstall it again. I have also not found any easy way to uninstall if from Vista anyway. Please post a comment if you have easily removed it from Vista.

This may not be the only way to fix this problem but It Fixed It for me.
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100th Post

Its took a long time to make it here but this post is the Official 100th Post on my blog about IT and computer related issues. Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment or question.

Well...heres to another 100 posts.


Monday, July 13, 2009

It Fixed it for me - DVD Drives not working on XP

I had a client pc with Windows XP Pro installed brought to me with a problem of not being able to install some software. After looking at the pc I found that the DVD drives were not even listed in My Computer. The drives did have power as they did open and close correctly.
I checked the device manager and they were listed but had the dreaded exclamation points over the icons. After talking to the owner I was informed that they had tried to remove some software that was used for DVD creation and DVD movie playback. Apparently there are some know issues with uninstalling this type of sofware. Anyway I found a nice article on microsofts site that referenced this issues. Microsoft has created a Fix IT ( Microsoft Fix it 50027 to be more specific) that I ran and it replaced some registry entries automagically. After a reboot Windows XP detected that the drives were there and reinstalled the necessary drivers.

When the pc came back up I was able to now see the DVD drives listed in My Computer and was then able to install some newer better software using a CD.

It is worth noting that if the Fix It fails Microsoft also lists the steps manually to attempt to repair the problem on the article as well

This may not be the only way to fix this issue but IT FIXED it for Me.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Googles New Operating System

Well you may of heard by now that Google will be attempting to introduce a Google Chrome Operating System. It will face many of the uphill battles as Linux does. As I have become quite a Linux enthusiast I will defiantly be giving Google's OS a look. Many of the existing Google apps seem to be fairly easy and simple to use so I would guess that the OS would have some of these same traits. We shall wait and see.

Anybody have a link to download it yet??? LOL

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