Friday, February 20, 2009

HDTune - Product Review

Here is another useful utility I have been using. It is called HDTune (I have been using the free version 2.55). HDTune is available from There are two versions avail, a free version and a HDTune Pro version 3.50 with costs $34.95 currently. The free version is a bit limited but it will give you some good benchmarks for your hard disks.

The interface is very simple and consists of a few tabs. To test your hard drive you simple select it from the list and press the start button. It will take a few minutes and return with some statistics on drive speeds.

HDTune also has the ability to run an error scan on the disk as well as give detailed disk information.

I found one small issue so far. I have one system with an external sata disk array with 4 x 500GB sata disks. Two of the sata disks are currently configured as a stripe set. HDTune was able to test the single sata disks but could not test the Windows drive letter that was using the two striped sata disks.

I have used this util to compare several disks throughput. Please post any comments if you also use this good util.

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Donn Edwards said...

I have used the free HD Tune for years, and have found the new speed map facility in the 4.5 Pro version worth the money, since my wife's laptop can't run Spinrite